Find your Brand’s Voice

Ever noticed yourself changing your accent depending on whom you speak to?

Scientists say this subconscious copying comes from an inbuilt urge of the brain to empathise and affiliate.

Having spent a large part of my life helping brands find their voice, I’ve come to fully appreciate the true power of connecting brands to individuals in ways most appropriate to them. Making brand personal means something truly personal.

The balance required to achieve this combines the precision of CRM science with the emotional heart of brand communications. Neither will flourish without the other.

The best CRM approaches manage to frame the communications for personal relevance, timing and channel.

Ideally of course, a brand’s voice, passion and personality should also encompass all channels consistently. However, even the most powerful of brands can still be let down by a single channel going rogue.

Take one of my favourite brands John Lewis. In store, you’ll receive an efficient and gentle service. The epitome of courteous retailing and it works every time.

Go online, and the approach undergoes a complete transformation in the wrong direction. John Lewis turns into simply another pushy, sales obsessed retailer using the same chasing strategies as its competitors. A hard-earned brand personality lost in one simple action.

So hats off to organisations that live their brands consistently and manage to truly personalise their brand’s voice subject to whom they are speaking to.

It’s not always easy to achieve but it’s always worth it when you do.