Positivity trumps adversity

There is something divinely human about storytelling, and one of the greatest parts about working in marketing, is that we get to talk to some remarkable people.

We recently met an amazing lady. She’s an all-out action woman, and has participated in multiple marathons, long distance walks, sky-dives and she’s even swam with sharks (eek)!

But here’s the thing shes 90% blind.

Four years ago, 43 year-old Tricia was out walking in Wales when she felt a pop in her right eye. She was later diagnosed with a form of Uveitis, an inflammation which causes the eye to swell – resulting in pain, sensitivity to light and blurry vision. Unfortunately, it’s irreversible and incurable.

We ventured down to Exeter to interview Tricia for a fundraising video that would recount her journey with sight loss and Action for Blind People (our client), who have aided her throughout her ordeal.

It’s a nerve-wracking experience sitting in front of a camera crew when the spotlight is on you, but after a cup of tea, and introducing us to the resident felines, Tricia showed she was a naturally engaging and articulate speaker.

I was captivated with how she’s overcome such difficult and distressing circumstances; your eyesight is something you often take for granted, so to have it suddenly snatched away from you, is enough to send anyone spiralling into depression.

But Tricia has proved that even in dark times, things can and will get better, and that your life can be just as fulfilling after such impairment – if you make it so. She just needed a bit of support and encouragement from a knowledgeable source.

It’s truly heart-warming to see how much RNIB’s help has impacted Tricia. Her sight loss has transformed her life, but she feels that she is now a better person for it. She has great aspirations for the future, and I’m sure her inspirational story will touch many hearts.

Tricia is fully aware that one day she will lose her sight completely, a harrowing fact that would terrify most of us. But that hasn’t stopped her from living life to the full, making the most of the moments and experiences that are thrown her way.

And I think this is an attitude we can all aspire to. To view the video visit www.rnib.org.uk/tricias-sight-loss-story