Wood Green

TASK: Build awareness and case for support

Wood green is a brilliant CHARITY which deserves to be better known. Research showed us the way to build a new brand proposition and stronger messaging.

A new confidence, a warmer welcome

Cycling Touring Club

TASK: Re-launch brand with a completely new name and proposition

Being the most established organisation doesn’t mean you’re immune to competition.

After a wide stakeholder engagement phase to ensure we captured CTC’s vibrant 135 year heritage, we have developed a confident and inclusive new brand fit for the 21st Century.



TASK: To add more humanity to the brand

TM Group is the UK’s leading provider of property searches and services. The efficiency of their technology saves their customers time. Our task was to bring this to life, humanizing the brand to reflect everyday realities of life and the benefits of TM’s approach.

Sowing the seeds of passion

The Soil Association

TASK: Create a new farmers innovation product, building upon the success of a previous scheme

Face-to-face farmer research and broader stakeholder engagement enabled us to develop a new marketing strategy, brand name, identity and overall product. This work has encouraged the most engaged farmers to take ownership of the scheme to make it truly farmer led.

Creating the unmissable

Aston University

TASK: Launch a 50 million alumni campaign

Aston has an outstanding reputation for producing brilliant engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs, so we had to produce something that spoke directly to this extraordinary group. By appealing to their pioneering spirit we are creating a campaign that alumni truly want to be a part of.

Pioneers Of Change Campaign