Three Charity Marketing Trends for 2019

It’s almost a couple of months into the New Year already! I know, we can’t believe it either. The world of marketing is always changing, and as technology advances we predict things are going to get even more exciting in the months to come.

At Campfire, we see these advances as exciting opportunities to engage audiences in new ways and increase their understanding of our clients and their cause. Today, we explore three key marketing trends to look out for in 2019!


Virtual Reality

Although it has been with us for a while now, more recently we have seen news stories of charities using virtual reality (VR) to engage with supporters.

RNLI have taken us on 360° tours around lifeboats; CRUK have taken us for a walk in their beautiful tribute flower gardens; the Resuscitation Council have taught us we can save someone’s life and Alzheimer’s Research UK have even put us in the shoes of someone living with dementia.

Not only can VR show us where our money is going in a new way, it can also create wonderful and engaging experiences. VR is a powerful tool for building empathy, in fact, it has been dubbed ‘the ultimate empathy machine’ in this fascinating TED talk by Chris Milik.

Watch it here!

Utilising VR can support your cause in brilliant ways, whether it’s used for fundraising, helping support beneficiaries or as a learning tool, there are lots of different ways it can bring your organisation to life. The challenge lies in thinking of new and exciting experiences that people will respond to.


Tap to Donate

With more and more people going contactless, having change in your pocket is becoming a thing of the past. Research by Barclays has found that whilst street donations remains a popular method of giving, it is declining in favour of newer donation options.

Last year, only 4% of UK charities used contactless systems. Contactless payment technology has the potential to transform fundraising, and charities are slowly but surely starting to utilise it.

There are now a number of charities trialling the technology in cities across England. With contactless donation points popping up in shop windows; it is becoming easier than ever to donate.



With the number of mobile phone users in 2019 expected to reach 4.68 billion it remains an important channel for the non-profit sector.

21% of all online donations in 2017 were made using a mobile device and this percentage is only expected to increase.

However a recent study revealed that a poor mobile experience for charity supporters could have lost the sector as much as £1.5bn in donations in 2017 alone.

Making sure your website is mobile optimised and responsively designed, are crucial steps in making sure the full potential of these channels can be achieved.  If your website is in need of an update, then now is the time to consider an upgrade to your current website.

At Campfire, we are excited about the new opportunities that these advancements can bring to our current and prospective clients. We would love to hear your thoughts!

If you have been following us, you will have heard our exciting news about CampfireMO- if you have any digital projects you would like to discuss with us – please do get in touch!

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