GDPR – Has it murdered personalisation?

May 25th 2018. The day we saw as doomsday, the day that GDPR threatened to destroy the marketer’s greatest weapon – personalisation. Yet a year on, instead of diminishing its importance, it seems to have ushered in a new era of even smarter personalised content.

SaleCycle ran a survey to ask marketers what their attitude was on GDPR and a massive 84% respondents saw GDPR as a positive development.

A report by Everage surveyed 300 marketing professionals from five different countries and found overwhelming agreement (98%) that personalisation remains crucial in advancing customer relationships.

Benefits cited included positive effects such as increased visitor engagement (55%), improved customer experience (55%), and improved brand perception (39%).

Research by Cablato found that, by using better personalisation, advertisers have seen increases by up to 4x in both engagement and tracked sales from personalised campaigns already.

It seems that, more than ever, personalisation and customisation remain vital tools to improving customer experience. What we are now seeing is a more intelligent and sophisticated use of data, allowing marketers to create more relevant, timely and unique marketing.

Streaming platform giant Netflix display films based on your preferences, and personalise the thumbnails of your recommended films. If you love romance, the thumbnail might be of the characters looking in love. If action is your thing, you’ll see the same film but with a different thumbnail of a car crash scene. It feels like Netflix ‘gets you’. Anything that creates a personal customer experience like this will only make the consumer come back wanting more.

Online shopping stores like Amazon personalise your homepage, recommending options based on items you have already purchased, and of course send you a friendly reminder if you have left items in your basket.

And it doesn’t stop there: brands are incorporating real time weather data and geotargeting into their sites. You could be browsing on your smartphone in rainy Brighton and you might see an advert for a rain coat. Or you might be sunning it up in Cheltenham and voilà, a sundress and hat ad appear on your social media feeds!

At Campfire we’re also using new technology to help our clients create more meaningful connections with customers.

We’ve found that the best place to start personalising content is during the customer journey planning stage. It means more upfront investment in time, but we’re finding it’s well worth the effort. When a user has a personalised experience, they instantly feel a connection; they feel understood. And when they feel understood they usually buy.

Not only can we plan your campaign, we can help you get to know your customer better through audience and persona development, allowing you to tailor your content to each individual’s needs. Get in touch – we’d relish the opportunity to show off our interpersonal skills!

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