Need inspiration? Step inside the ‘Scampervan’

Campfire have had a busy year, this has meant we’ve needed more bums on seats to help us get through it.

By the middle of summer, we’d reached bursting point. We desperately needed more space, especially a quiet space for creatives to get in the zone and come up with the magic. A building extension would take months, we needed a quicker fix.

The solution was ‘Scampervan’, a beautiful pink Volkswagen motorhome built in 1979. We spotted it on ebay and outbid rivals in the usual last minute rush.

Already kitted out with a table, chairs for up to six people and a roof which hinges up to provide plenty of sunshine and fresh air, its proving a winner with the creatives.

Once a team disappears into it, they’re gone for hours. And maybe I’m imagining but the work they are emerging with seems to have a little bit more magic!

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