What we believe

Fire unites us. It always has. Just like our ancestors before us, we gather around fires today, sharing stories, swapping adventures, listening to ideas.

Coming together like this, is the Campfire way. We believe in co-creation and the democracy of ideas, so we bring clients, our people and customers together in workshops and panels to swap thinking and create beautiful stories that matter.

Whether it’s advertising, direct marketing, film, digital, or design, our philosophy is the same: a community of thinkers, one team, collaborating equally in the interests of the busy human beings who we are trying to engage with. Human-to-human.

Or, to put it another way, human-for-human.

Nick Thomas, Campfire Marketing

Co-Founder and Creative Partner

Paul Handley, Campfire Marketing

Co-Founder and Strategy Partner

How we do it

Our process allows us to create human-centred communications efficiently and effectively. Tried and tested, refined and redefined, it has helped us launch new products, rebrand large organisations and realign the strategic direction of others. It’s future-proof, it’s simple and it works.


That first strike. Shedding light on precisely who you are talking to and what stories they want to hear.

  • Proposition development
  • Audience and persona development
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Industry and customer research
  • Online panels
  • User-testing and research
  • KP goal setting


Shaping the direction of your communications so they reach the right people, in the right way.

  • Integrated, data-driven customer journeys
  • Digital, direct, social media and content marketing
  • Campaign planning, direction and consultancy


Ideas that move people, that connect with them in their world, and create meaningful relationships.

  • Offline campaign creative
  • Online concepts and content
  • Videos, animations, games, apps
  • Social media assets and ideas
  • e-CRM


Keeping the work and results burning bright by testing, evaluating and refining campaigns.

  • Long-term testing strategies
  • Results analysis
  • Competitor tracking and reviews
  • Segmentation refinement
  • Strategic recommendations

Light the match

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