Consumers are defined by what they share

The consumer of today’s world is proactive so naturally they want to be a part of creating the solution. Campfire’s co-creation process is tried and tested, with the voice of the audience right at the heart. It’s how we turn good intentions into awesome actions. And we had stacks of brilliant examples:

  • We helped inspire behavioural change for one of the UK’s biggest cycling brands by listening to staff, trustees, 40,000 members and 2,500 external stakeholders and gaining a unique insight that enabled us to reposition the brand effectively.
  • Our series of co-creation sessions with internal stakeholders of a leading care and research brand, along with current and potential audiences, informed a new TV proposition that beat targets across the board – deilvering 1.1 million impacts, 153% increase in web traffic and lifting awareness by 30%. Following another round of learnings, review and refinement for the same brand, we beat target again, all while inspiring action through personal stories.
  • Our agile approach, underwritten with co-creation principles, also allows us to give tactical campaigns a sharp, strategic edge. For another client we ran a mini co-creation process which resulted in a campaign that raised vital awareness and funds for one of the country’s biggest and most vital housing lifeline brands. Smashing all targets.

We believe co-creation practises will evolve and increase as consumers become more sophisticated over the next 5 years. The trick is to choose an experienced co-creator who understands the true nature of the process and how to yield results from it.

If you’re ready to harness co-creation, maybe it’s time we had a chat. We promise, we’re very experienced listeners. Come and say hello today –

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